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Smart means "cleverly simple". This is how technology should be. This is how Ultraviolet makes things.
If you want to turn your activity into a Smart Business, we speak the right language.

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Design and development of native and cross-platform Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Websites, web portals, landing pages and e-commerce platforms, as usual. But also web apps for every business need

Internet of Things

Devices that send data about themselves and what’s around them: information technology makes its way into the “real world”.

Experts in Top Mobile & IoT apps, Web design and development

We design and develop native and cross-platform mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows. We generate smart user interfaces to bring the best user experience

We are a professional team that integrates high technical skills, a vast experience on the market and a strong creativity. We create high quality and innovative custom mobile app solutions with special attention to generating useful and interesting user interfaces to provide an engaging user experience.
We design and develop apps with complex navigation and graphic patterns. We can create captivating e-books with exclusive multimedia content that can also be used as catalogs.

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Mobile marketing and web communication

Our ability to offer custom solutions, our customer oriented service attitude and our wide experience in the fields of mobile apps, IoT apps, proximity marketing and web design, make us the perfect partner for businesses aiming to take advantage of all the valuable tools that today’s mobile marketing and web communication can offer in order to successfully boost their potential in the market.

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We are leading experts in the field of proximity marketing, iBeacon and Eddystone technologies.

We develop innovative and smart Beacon, Eddystone and IoT apps for proximity marketing projects, indoor navigation, industry and logistics, energy efficiency, remote sourveillance & assistance. 
We dedicate ourselves with passion to the phases of design and development paying attention to the minimum detail and taking advantage of the newest and most advanced technologies. We guide our clients to identify their needs working zealously to best fulfill their expectations.
We not only develop and deliver complex projects but we also offer our clients a complete product development plan with subsequent adding of new functions. Finally we strongly support them when the big moment arrives to launch the product to the market.

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