Sentieri_Metropolitani is a tool that allows you to enjoy the wide network of pedestrian trails created for the city of Milan, that will be soon extended to the surrounding towns, giving shape to a “network of networks” capable of connecting local realities, dreams and visions with the globalised world. The app starts from the idea that cities can be re-discovered best on foot and walking lets one grasp the vitality, relations, projects and memories they contain. Sentieri_Metropolitani creates a real “widespread museum” of urban memory made of 400 km of radial paths, internal bypasses and urban paths that re-design the city and stimulate new narrations.

SM is an OPEN TOOL: the app welcomes the contribution brought by residents, associations and visitors. We would like it to populate in time with new stories, new itineraries, new relations and point of view over the city. This is why it has been created: to provide an open lab capable of connecting ideas and proposals.

The PROJECT has been promoted by Trekking Italia, a non-profit association that since 1985 has brought thousands of people on the path all over the world. Thanks to this experience, the association has invited citizens to start walking from their very immediate environment: the metropolis. The project has been supported by Fondazione Cariplo and AKU and has received the patronage of Expo2015 and the Order of Architects of Milan.